Common Ground Policy Development Workbook

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Message from the Policy Platform Co-Chairs 


The Ontario Liberal Party is developing a plan that responds to the changes people are experiencing in our economy and society. In the face of challenges like globalization, automation and climate change government must take an active role in ensuring fairness and opportunity for everyone.

Our plan for fairness and opportunity responds to the needs of Ontario families by increasing the minimum wage, ensuring workers receive equal pay for equal work, making record investments in our health care and education systems, providing free prescription drugs to children and youth, and making college and university more accessible by reducing tuition for two-thirds of Ontario families.

But our plan is not nished and we need your help in continuing to build our full plan for fairness and opportunity. We recognize that good ideas can come from anyone and that true openness to new ideas and di erent approaches is crucial to overcoming our shared challenges.

That’s why we’re opening up our policy development process to people across the province. Whatever your area of expertise or interest, think about what the provincial government could do to make Ontario a fairer, better place to live and work. We’re looking for good ideas; with your help, we’ll nd them.

There are a number of di erent ways you can participate in Common Ground. This booklet can be printed out and completed on your own or you can
share it at in-person policy meetings in your local association. Once you have nished sharing your ideas, simply mail the document to our head o ce in Toronto at 10 St. Mary Street, Suite 210, Toronto, ON M4Y 1P9. You can also write directly into this PDF, save the le to your computer, and email the completed document to

You can also submit your favourite ideas online and discuss policy with a larger group of people from the comfort of your own home through the website Here you will be able to share your ideas, discuss what others are putting forward, and vote for the suggestions you think we should stand behind as a party. Participation is as easy as a few simple clicks and anyone is welcome to join in.

No matter how you choose to participate, all of your ideas will be heard. We will report back on the Common Ground process at the AGM in February and we look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you very much for helping to build the next Ontario Liberal Party platform. We look forward to hearing from you!


Yvan Baker, MPP & Damien O’Brien, OLP VP

Policy Platform Co-Chairs 

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