Refine the top ideas

The Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) launched Common Ground to open up its policy development process to Ontarians and tap into their diverse views and collective wisdom. Since launching in November 2017, 14,000 Ontarians have participated in the process, submitting over 500 policy ideas. The seven Phase 1 live policy discussions garnered a total of 59,000 views.


In Phase 2 of the project, Ontarians are invited to refine the top ideas using this Google Document. Click on the idea in the listing below to get started:


A Culture of Health

#kidscantwait for mental health treatment

Free dental cleaning for Seniors

Cover all medications for cancer patients – Regardless of age

Lifelong Learning

Financial literacy and functionality as a requirement for high school graduates

Expand access to free, open textbooks for Ontario students

Improve Access to Post Secondary Education

Mandate Consent Education in School Curriculum

Investments in Trades Pathways

Strong and Sustainable Communities

Charge Nestle and Bottle Water Distributors More

Invest in Transit and Expand GO Service

Build the Highway 400-404 Link

Invest in the Fight Against Climate Change

Affordable Cost of Living

Stop the provincial tax portion of the OAS and CPP

Lower Auto Insurance Rates

Affordable Housing; Support Non-Profits in delivery of affordable housing

Show HST on Grocery Shelves

Invest in child care to make it more affordable for the middle class

Inclusive and Just Society

End Ontario’s Breed Ban. Remove all Breed Specific Language in the Ontario Dog Owner’s Liability Act.

Better Recognition of Foreign Credentials

Raise Ontario Works Rates to Encourage Living With Dignity

Name Blind Resumes – Require government job applications to be reviewed without names

Inclusive Growth

Enable seniors’ participation in economy

Raise HST minimum to $100K

Invest in Emerging Technologies

Responsive Government

Cap MPP’s Salary at $100K

More, better online services from government


Note: All ideas were generated by a public online submission process and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or policy of the Ontario Liberal Party.

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