Open Politics. From the Ground Up.

The Ontario Liberal Party has a plan that responds to the changes we are seeing in our economy and society. And we’re a party with a truly open, inclusive and grassroots approach to building that plan. Trends such as globalization, automation and climate change mean government must take an active role in ensuring fairness and opportunity for everyone. 

The Ontario Liberal Party has started responding to these trends by building a plan for fairness and opportunity that responds to the needs of every Ontario citizen by ensuring fair treatment for workers and a higher minimum wage, prescription drug coverage for youth, free tuition, and record-breaking investments in transportation. But our plan is not finished yet and we need your help in building our full plan for fairness and opportunity.

That’s why we’re opening up our policy development process to Ontarians and hoping to tap into their diversity of views and collective wisdom.

Whatever your particular area of expertise or interest, think about what the provincial government could do in that area to make Ontario a fairer, better place to live and work.

We’re looking for good ideas; with your help, we’ll find them.


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